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Did you know that...

every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten somewhere in America?

Source: Census Bureau

Let's unite to raise awareness!


Enter Wyomme Pariss

"Work as Everything depends on you,
Pray as if Everything depends on God."

Wyomme Pariss a professional singer, actress, author, visionary and philanthropist, native to New York currently residing in Washington, D.C. and creator of the original stage play “Then Sings My Soul,” a musical with a message on domestic violence, which has premiered in Washington, DC and Brooklyn, New York. 



From the Stage
to the Big Screen!

We're in pre-production for Then Sings My Soul the film, and we want to partner with you!
Together, WE can continue to bring awareness about domestic violence throughout our communities.
Together, WE can Say "No More"
Your financial support is greatly appreciated!
For more Information on sponsorship packages, please contact us via email
or give us a call
(202) 361-8556

Then Sings My Soul gives a portion of proceeds to Domestic Violence Agencies, and direct donations to those impacted by domestic abuse.


Thank you for your consideration to help support the cause.

Thank you for your support

for your support as we together end the silence and bring light where there is darkness, hope where there is despair. 

"It is hard to look for the light when you are lost in the darkness..."

- Domestic Abuse Survivor

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