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"I was thrilled to attend and support the opening of Then Sings My Soul. The musical entertained as well as enlightened. Then Sings My Soul tells tremendous stories with an excellent cast. I'm sorry these stories have to be told, but as they do, this production and cast did an excellent job of doing so. Cheers!"


ALEX, Bowie, MD

"Then Sings My Soul is a must see production. It makes you laugh, it makes you cry but most of all it makes you think!" 


“I really enjoyed the play it gives you a good perspective in life and what people go through, I recommend everyone to go see it when it comes in your community. Then Sings My Soul is a must see, guarantee you’re going to enjoy it!"


"I absolutely love this play I would recommend everyone to see it, I would follow this play wherever it goes, hope it makes it to Broadway"!


"Everywhere I go I look to see if God is in it, as I sat and watched this play I can see God all in and through this production."


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